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Dongguan June air quality country ranked 19

Date: 2014-07-18

Nanfang Daily (Reporter/Huang Shaohongintern/YanZhouMining)July 17,ChinaNational Environmental Monitoring CenterreleasedJune74urbanair quality conditions.Data show thatin June, the airqualityrankingfell out ofthe top 10in Dongguan,ranked No.19nationwide, more thanin Mayfell12integratedpollution levelsalsoincreasedover last year.

June,ninecitiesin thePearl River Delta RegionalAir Qualitystandardratio of the numberof daysbetween73.3%-96.7%, with an averageof84.3%,higher than the averagenumber of days74citiesstandardproportion14.4percent;the number of daysexceedingthe averageratio of15.7%,andmoreseverecontaminationdoes not occur.The mainpollutantsO3,followedPM2.5.9cities,Shenzhen, Huizhou,Zhuhai and otherfivecitiesin theratio of the numberof daysbetweenthe standard80% -100%, Guangzhou,Zhaoqing, Foshan and otherfourcitiesthe numberof daysthe proportion ofcompliancebetween 50% -80%.Compared to last year, the averagenumber of daysthe proportion ofthe Pearl River Deltaregionstandardninecitiesdroppedby94.8 percentto84.3 percent, lower10.5percent,11.9percentdecreasefrom last monthalso, the airqualityhas declined.

On themainpollutant concentrations,the Pearl River Deltaregion ofninecitiesCOare standard, PM2.5, PM10, SO2and NO2monthly averageconcentrations were27μg / m?, 44μg / m, 13μg / mand28μg / m, O3daily maximum8 hoursmeanvaluesexceeded the rate of15.6%.6monitoring indicators, in addition toSO2and COconcentration decreased7.1%on averageexceeded thedaily averagewas flat, the otherfourpollutantconcentrations wereincreased to varying degrees, includingPM2.5rose28.6%, PM10increased by15.8%, NO2increased by7.7%; O3daily maximum8 hoursexceeded the rate ofincrease inthe averagevalue of10.4percent,the air qualityhas declined.