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Dongcheng International Hotel Dongguan is located at the intersection of Dongcheng East Road and Dongsheng Road, Dongguan. It is located in the core business district of Dongcheng, with a total construction area of 147,000 square meters and abundant supporting resources. Donghua Group Headquarters Building, Grade A Business Office Building, and Tastefully Furnished Hotel Apartments are all located in the hotel building. At the same time, the hotel is equipped with 17 floors of exquisite, stylish and tasteful rooms, and Dongbaoxuan with Cantonese flavor with ancient style and new charm. Chinese restaurant, all-day Feng-all-day restaurant, unique Asian-style maple-Japanese-Korean restaurant, quiet and romantic Kaiqin western restaurant, elegant and comfortable spa room, stylish high-end, exclusive custom-made party room, relaxation The indoor and outdoor swimming pools for mind and body, the outdoor infinity pool, the gymnasium, and the 4D banquet hall that can seat 120 people at the same time. 'To give you comprehensive service and feelings' is our service tenet. The gifted superior position, the precision of forging, the high-quality and considerate service, the ingenious production, let you enjoy the quality of life, enjoy a convenient, high-end, comfortable experience. Dongcheng International Hotel is the ideal choice whether you are traveling for business or leisure.
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  • dywer
    It wasn't too bad
  • basov
    That's no problem
  • lunareyes
    Very good hotel
  • E00491639
    Good service, clubs are good
  • e04465745
    Very good location, established five-star hotels, service was very good
  • Better
    A very good environment, and satisfied with the service
  • aliasding
    To not because away from I do of place near, or playing died not here. was each months will to this hotel, but now service increasingly poor. old hotel has room facilities was on old, call let view, has half didn't people view. then original set outside sold are can sent to room, now not can has. OK hotel you said you policy modified has no outside sold personnel into you explained clear, guard directly to I dumped has sentence; you has what problem find hotel Deputy acting don't and I said, I what are not know only book. I body was on not comfortable, gas have I and run downstairs to find they hotel of people. see I temper has and to I said; you if not convenient down can let hotel of people to you sent up. I on hehe da has! just how not so talk? also has, handle staying of when to I provides two a people of documents, I a people live to where provides 2 a people of documents? front desk said is hotel provides of recently check have strict, I on odd has blame has, difficultRoad, national legislation has recently set a person can only order one bed? too baffling, killing doesn't live here any more. determined to check out!
  • never_do
    Room was very small, bed is very small, not a lot of hotel environment. sincerely rather live than price very good business hotel.
  • aliong
    Again, hotel WIFI, very convenient ~~ will stay next time!
  • jjuwmmu
    Very good hotel
  • blueridge
    Staff services awareness is not strong, did not even get a few taxi for guests willing to
  • nose75
    That's good.
  • eg1717
    Brush the cards for a long time, and finally to cash
  • Juliana7
    Nice hotel, chose this hotel for each business trip to Dongguan! Japanese style King size room you can taste oh!
  • ntdior
    Which is very nice
  • leyy11
    Value can also be
  • Bradley
    Which is very nice
  • langping
    It's not bad
  • caspermiao
  • songrsong
    Hotel equipment, environment, cost-effective, and highly recommended!
  • D04494421
    Convenient, cost-effective
  • e00313246
    Good hotel, small bed in a double room.
  • cjm1961
    so, so not very good but not too bad. the location is good enough but it is old hotel already
  • Joyfu
    Hotel was very nice, price is very high, and recommendation-
  • Cold number niao
    We had a wonderful stay. My child really like the swimming pool but we had to buy a swimming cap in order to use it. I think a 5 star hotel should provide disposable swimming caps to their guest. Overall, a pleasant stay and we will come back to this hotel.
  • jiajia1026
    That's good
  • cb00035
    There is room for improvement of services, others are fine.
  • jduncan
    Hotel location is convenient, the rooms are very spacious, is the bathroom a little small, but overall worth the price. breakfast is rich, will stay again.
  • tbdt2005
    It's OK
  • mm88sss
    Room is small, old, the rooms smell, not worth the price
  • Malvern
    Add nice, located in the central area, away from the busiest with the highest evaluation most of Dongguan da ying, two shopping malls; Galaxy city and Wanda Plaza, less than 800 metres.
  • alralegcl
    Nice, room clean
  • emilymo
    Good job! very nice
  • redyla
    You can also, but the TV room is a bit old.
  • llynn123
    Good, old-fashioned five-star hotels.
  • w947749
    Environment, health, service is a little weak, the price is 299, gold and 700?
  • fanli983
    Old hotel, so the equipment is a bit old. taxi outside to wait for a while. but overall great.
  • angell1021
    Hotel is not so good, the surrounding environment and services can also be facilities on nearly
  • bluecoffin
    Book a special offer, a bargain.
  • a15053
    Didn't think was good too
  • andy2011feiren
    Very good, feel at home, close to many restaurants, the traffic is convenient.
  • fee333
    Very good!
  • leopardyoyo
    Hotel too old, a musty smell in the room, King bed was two beds together, feeling very dirty the carpet, TV is still before the kind of very thick TV, even ordinary business hotels is now flat-screen LCD, the so-called five-star hotel with old TV, next time will not be available.
  • Discovery3
    Hotel located down town of Changping, it easy to access delicious food beside the hotel.
  • boa232
    Help a friend booked, he and I'm pretty good, cost-effective ultra-high, next coming or going to live.
  • anling305320450
    Rooms at the duplex rooms, great. the hotel very good sound insulation, although in the urban areas, is also very quiet.
  • alanis_
    Helpful staff, nice
  • moneydream330
    Hotel is nice, Japanese-style rooms are duplex, services are in place
  • Ci\Ci
  • princessLT
    OK *kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkkkkk