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The central area of ​​Houjie Town of Dongguan in Guangdong next year limit line emission vehicles

Date: 2014-12-29

Reporterslearnedfrom theEnvironmental Protection BranchHoujie Town,in addition tothe ring roadcityfromNovember 1limit lineemission vehicles, the towncenteris alsostartingJanuary 1next yearwilllimit lineemission vehicles.

It is understood thatthe towncenterforthe specificsections ofthe limit linesouth tothe South Loop, WestWest Ring Road, north to theNorth Ring RoadHighway-256-General Roadconnection,eastExpoBoulevard -Beverly Road-256HighwayConnection.And time limitfor9:00-18:00every day.

Currently, the townis negotiatingwith theEnvironmental Protection Branchpoliceand other relevant departments, willjointlyimplementenforcement mattersenvironmentallimit line.Vehiclesin violation ofthe provisionsofthe limit line,will be fined200 yuan,three points.

According toregulations,Townsbusemission vehiclesmay be givenone yearof transition,January 1, 2015toDecember 31, 2015temporarilylimit lineinthe central area ofthe transition periodTowns.